~ Summer of Twenty Thirteen ~

It is so hard for me to believe that the year of 2013 has come to a close. Just as soon as I was eagerly awaiting the beginning of it, I saw myself bidding it farewell.


I would love to go through and tell of each market I went to, each seed I planted, each flower that grew, each arrangement I made, each person I sold produce to, each step my bare feet took upon warm and tilled-up ground. Each night I had to stay up late to pick every single ripe squash. Each truck ride I took out to the market in which I had beside me a whole load of friendly flowery-face passengers. Each kind person I spoke to and shared the love of God’s green earth with. Each smile they passed back to me. Each time I ran through the green grass from garden plot to garden plot, singing old Appalachian ballads while listening to the birds nearby. Each butterfly my hazel eyes watched as they flitted from flower to flower to flower to flower. As they danced upon the air and teased the blue sky. Each misty morning when I was able to walk outside with my coffee in hand, and greet the newly bloomed darlings. Each and every magical moment that blessed this growing season.

But of course, it was full of toil as well. Many long hours. Nights of very little sleep. Lots of HOT labor. Tears. Sweat. Stress. But the things I described above, it is those things, those moments, those experiences, that make it all worth it. That make it magical. And if it weren’t for the hard parts of the process, then the magic and beauty and wonder wouldn’t be appreciated half as much.

I think that E. B. White said it best, “Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.”

And my dear friends, my spring and summer, was absolutely full of beautiful wonder!


1016644_10201352532044697_1549116582_n 1014152_10201546580455786_906820133_n 1013959_10201475107869016_962825944_n 994289_10201309056197828_907540788_n 312386_10201608043312319_801606116_n 1240003_10201902389990802_614817519_n IMG_4193 IMG_4182 IMG_4098 IMG_4131 IMG_4049 IMG_4046 IMG_4040 IMG_3973 IMG_3941 IMG_3925 IMG_3910 IMG_3872 397412_10201212288698701_1075356052_n IMG_4210 IMG_4033 IMG_3979 IMG_3964 IMG_3875

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~ abode ~


n:  a place in which a person resides; residence; dwelling; habitation; home.


The saying goes that your home is where your heart is. While this is very true, there comes a point in life and in existence in which you desire a place to call your own. A physical and tangible place. To call your dwelling place. One which has walls that speak comfort and tell stories. With a warmth that embraces you and can also personify who you are. That sings to you and can provide spaces to entertain and love those who you love. Invitation. Solitude. Beauty. Community. Soulful. Personal. Welcoming. Comforting.


I am blessed to say that a few months ago, Abba provided for me in this way.

I had been praying about it.

And while I knew that He would lead me there in His time and in His ways……


I had no idea that it would be so wonderful. In fact, it was not only wonderful, it was more like a dream come true.


So here I am. Sitting comfortably, with my  puppy, drinking French pressed coffee on my day off of work.   Thanking God for the last few months that I have been able to relish this new part of my life.  This new adventure. This new abode. This new soulful place that has so many stories to tell…..and even more stories to begin writing. How lovely it is……


1452257_10202462744719320_440385340_n lovely levilove4 glorious boots

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Lessons {clarity}

The summer months have come to a close. The entire season has ended. The magic has wafted away, across fields glowing golden with the early sunsets. How quickly the time marches by, giving way to silent mornings, breathing cool mist on the tired grass.

This season for me has sped by. Meandering through beautiful moments, and leading me through difficult circumstances. Showing me ways to observe. To love. To feel. To think. To try. To let go. To surrender. To fight. To trust. To simply be.

Interesting…..  Stretching …….    yet altogether beautiful.  Or more, it is beautiful what those things can lead to.  The lessons God lovingly, patiently, abstractly teaches us through them. In spite of them. With them. Because of them.

I cannot, in a rational and logical way, explain these things. I just do not operate in that way. The plane on which I feel I most often exist, only makes “sense” to myself. Ambiguous?  Maybe. But that is not my intention. My creative mind and soulful being, I just see things differently. And Autumn has a history of bringing these things to the forefront of my wild rationale.  Maybe it is the serenity of the crisp air that brings a tremble to my lips. Or maybe the fact that the growing season is halted and I have a chance to slow down and inhale. Inhale the past. Memories. Inhale the beauty of my surroundings. The ways that God has blessed me. The things He has provided for me. Inhale and take part of Who He is. To rest in the confidence of my very Maker.

Maybe it is the coming of the cold. My wild, sun-loving spirit that balks at the knowledge that Winter is on the way. That my brown skin will be cold beneath the layers of sweaters I do not like to wear; fading as I drink coffee and pine for the Spring.  My shoulders and my neck, withheld from the warm intimacy of the summer sunshine.  There is something I feel when I think of that. And it stirs something inside of me. It procures emotions I cannot explain. And for some reason, it is in this very season my Creator comes and teaches me things I cannot even explain.  But what does that matter?  He has explained them to me. I understand them. And I give thanks. I marvel at the way He teaches me. At the way He reveals things to me. And sometimes they are in the smallest of ways. In the most humble ways. In simple and imperfect things. I love how He does that.





1.clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.
2.the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye; pellucidity: the clarity of pure water.

Waterfalls. I love them. To step in the abundance of their beauty and listen to the songs they sing. To be mesmerized by the pure and unbreakable sight.
Maybe sometimes things become clear as we just rest in them. Or rather, rest in the Maker of all things.
God is teaching me. I pray I listen as He does.

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Helianthus Annuus

It would be abundantly cliché to say that I have been too busy to write on here; although it would also be abundantly true.


Yesterday I was reminded of something though….. and the fact remains that I need to be more faithful in writing on here. So thank you, kind friend, who reminded me of that.


In light of my last post, in which I praised the beauty of the sunflower, I will simply give a few photographs that I captured this season.  My dear, sunny children. I love them so.


IMG_4171 IMG_4170 IMG_4169 IMG_4166 IMG_4162 IMG_4151 IMG_4149 IMG_4146 IMG_4173

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sunny rapture



1.ecstatic joy or delight; joyful ecstasy.

When I see a sunflower, I cannot explain the way I feel. When they first started blooming here, I was so enthralled and filled with joy at their appearance, that I could hardly contain myself. It is more than an emotional attachment. It is more than an appreciation. Perhaps it is because I know what kind of love God put into them when He spoke them into existence. It is because I can only imagine the way He smiles when they open up each new day, glorifying Him in a way that only they know how. That only He can hear. If He created all creation for His glory, then just consider the way it must please Him when they do what they were intended to do. To shine. To point to the sun. To give us cheer. To make us smile when we behold their beauty. Pointing upwards to their Maker and ours.
To God be the glory. Praise Him, sweet sunflower. Praise Him, oh my soul.

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~ Down they came,
Quickly but gently,
Bullets of diamond
To shatter and die.

Down they came.
Hope from the cloud,
Prize for the shadow,
Thunder’s soft sigh. ~


Seems that for three weeks straight they came down. Making soggy all the soil and creating mud where there should be soil.

Cultvation, hoeing, weeding; such things had to be placed on hold. Some of the plants are rather unhappy. But picking in the rain isn’t so bad. Actually rather sedative and soothing in a way.


Finally I think the heavy burden of clouds has lifted, and the sun is finally blessing us with its warmth and splendor once again. Sometimes, happiness can be measured with sunrays.



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